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Are you thinking about doing something about your teeth? Do you want to be finally able to see your most beautiful smile in the mirror? Has the thought of braces kept you from doing the first step? then ask your orthodontist about invisible braces by Orthorobot! Orthorobot places your braces on the inside of your teeth and makes them invisible for others (find details about the technique at My braces by Orthorobot). These braces are computer designed in our laboratory and manufactured with highly precise robots.

Advantages of braces by Orthorobot:

  • the treatment is planned on a computer and visualised on a target setupmodel of your teeth - you can see the result before the treatment
  • thanks to the exact fabrication the treatment is simplified, less corrections are necessary - therefore there will be less and shorter visits at your doctor
  • because the position of each bracket is carefully planned beforehand it is not necessary to reposition brackets during treatment - that keeps the treatment time as short as possible
  • precise, robot-bent archwires make sure that your teeth move to their right position without unneeded detour
  • correction bends in the finishing phase are minimized or can be omitted
  • if a bracket is lost it is possible to reposition it at exactly the same position. The repositioning with the robot is done with high accuracy
  • you get a better and predictable result
  • shorter treatment time
  • when treated lingually the braces are invisible



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