What is Orthorobot?

schaumodell-von-rechts-mit-draht Malocclusions of teeth are either treated with removable (light malocclusions) or fixed appliances (light and heavy malocclusions).

Fixed braces mainly consist of brackets and wires. The brackets are either bonded onto the front side of the teeth (labial), or on the back side (lingual). After the brackets have been bonded an elastic archwire is inserted which moves the teeth into their desired position. The wire is changed several times during the treatment - until the teeth have reached their final position. With the Orthorobot system it is possible to use both labial and lingual braces.

The most important precondition for exact tooth movement is the ideal positioning of brackets on each tooth. The conventional method of positioning the brackets directly onto the teeth by hand is inaccurate and does not always lead to the desired treatment result.

It was our primary aim in the development of Orthorobot to utililize robotics to eliminate the imprecisions which are unavoidably connected with direct bracket positioning – such as inconsistencies between the bracket base and the tooth surface, morphological variation, human limitation,…

There are 3 cornerstones to the Orthorobot lab process:

onyx-auswertung1) Virtual planning of bracket positions
Computer based virtual planning guarantees the best possible bracket position for each tooth. Positioning is possible both on the outside as well as on the inside of a given tooth.

Bracket Bonding with a robot
With the aid of an industrial robot the brackets are bonded onto the model in precisely the desired position in accordance with the computed target coordinates. The subseqent transfer of the brackets to the patient is carried out by the indirect bonding method, i.e. with the use of a transfer tray.

Custom-bent archwires
Using the saved target coordinates allows for the production of precise, customized archwires bent by the robot. Precisely bent, customized and slotfilling wires facilitate the fine tuning of the occlusion significantly, which is particularly important in lingual treatment.

Bottom line: Bracket positioning by Orthorobot assures that the treatment goal is reached without detour in minimal treatment time!



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